Concrete Cooling

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The development of the strength in concrete is accompanied by heat as the cement cures and hardens. The heat of hydration raises the temperature during curing process by up to 25 °C causing an increase of volume.After curing, concrete cools down, again reducing its volume and thus causing cracks known as ‘thermal shock’. This is why the initial pouring temperature must be lowered.

KTI Concrete Cooling Systems
Concrete temperature control always requires a sophisticated refrigeration system. Over the last decades KTI has pioneered concrete cooling technologies and developed new techniques to become the number one in concrete cooling worldwide.

KTI the Specialists in Concrete ­Temperature Control

The KTI equipment covers each and every market need in this application.
Discover this broad range in the ­specific KTI ‘Concrete Cooling ­Systems’ catalogue:

Flake Ice Plants (FLIP)

Mobile Ice Storages (MIS)

Cold Water Tanks

Containerized Cold Water Plants (CCWP)

Containerized Ice Water Plants (CIWP)

Containerized Aggregate Cooling ­Systems Water-cooled (CACS-w)

Containerized Aggregate Cooling S­ystems Air-cooled (CACS-a)

Ice Handling Systems

Sand Cooling

Post Cooling

Concrete Heating

Fighting the heat of hydration