Mining industry

  • Large capacities
  • 24/7 operation
  • Automated ice production and distribution
  • Multi point ice delivery
  • Energy-efficient
  • Comply with German ­chemical industry safety standards
  • Ammonia and Freon R404A available

Down at 3000 m below surface, excavating activities generate heat, where rock temperature already reaches 60 °C.
For minors who work there for prolonged time periods, the workspot should be cooled to more acceptable temperatures in the range of 28 °C. KTI ice cooling systems provide far more cooling energy than water cooling plants traditionally used at higher work levels. A kg of ice absorbs substantially more energy than a liter of cold water and therefore ice systems use at least 80 % less pumping ­energy.

Ice Systems for the Mining Industry

The KTI mine cooling system is ­installed at ground level with no heat rejection below. It complies with the highest safety standards and is ­designed with the best possible ­energy-efficiency.

Energy-efficient Plate Ice Plants (PLIP)

The ice making capacity required for mines is considerable and can ­exceed 2000 tons/day. KTI provides PLIPs that operate with a more favourable range (evaporating at -12 °C) than a FLIP, with an improved performance coefficient (Qo/Qe well above 3). The PLIP 200 designed by KTI just for this application, enables annual savings of several millions of kWh.
Furthermore, the higher density plate ice drops down in a fluid way and ­travels better than light flake ice over a 3 km distance.

Pneumatic Ice Conveyors
KTI pneumatic ice conveyors enable remote delivery to multiple vats with fast delivery speeds.

KTI snow plants make snow in all kinds of weather.